Governor Rendell and My Mom

A chef near my hometown was recently honored with the first-ever Governor’s Award for Culinary Arts. Since I have not had the pleasure of eating at his award-winning restaurant, I was delighted that my mom sent me a full restaurant review.

The following is an e-mail from my mom with information about eating at the Sheppard Mansion:

Hey, Merv!

There were some nice articles in the local newspapers this week
about Chef Andrew Little and his award from Governor Rendell – and Dad and I
had just had dinner at his restaurant the week before!

We had heard good things about the Sheppard Mansion (which is in Hanover)
and we had a gift certificate, so went to celebrate our 41st anniversary.
The décor is Victorian – very elegant – and the service was excellent, and
the bread basket was filled with delectable items, and butter which the chef
churns himself.

There are three courses listed on the menu – a selection of appetizers,
salads and entrees. We ordered a lobster pasta (for Dad) and a soft-shelled
crab (for me) for appetizers, and we both got a crab salad, which was
served in a tower shape and accompanied by mangoes and cantaloupe sauce –
very refreshing on a warm night.

For the main dish, Dad got scallops and I got salmon. (Yes, we like
seafood.) Some of the best things on the plate were the roasted baby beets
– sweet and tender, some golden and some red. We found out they were grown
by the woman we call the “Heirloom Tomato Lady” who has a stand at the
Gettysburg farmer’s market. We’ve been trying for two weeks now to get some
of her beets to cook at home, but we’ve been too late – all sold out! Next
week we’ll have to go really early!

Anyway, we were too full to order dessert, but as we left we each were given
an individually wrapped chocolate chip cookie – so crisp and delicious that
we wanted to buy some more right on the spot! (They may actually be
available for purchase sometime in the future, our waitress said.)

So if you know of anyone who’s going to the Gettysburg area, and who’s
looking for a special meal for a special occasion, we recommend that they
try the Sheppard Mansion!


Here is some more information on Chef Andrew Little and the Sheppard Mansion:

On June 20, Chef Andrew Little of Central Pennsylvania’s premiere destination restaurant, Sheppard Mansion, will receive the state’s first-ever Governor’s Award for the Culinary Arts.

Governor Ed Rendell will present Chef Little with the prestigious award Friday, June 20, at the Gettysburg Festival Opening Gala, held at the Gettysburg College Ballroom (300 North Washington Street, Gettysburg; 717-337-6300). The award recognizes a chef for their outstanding abilities as a performing artist in Culinary Arts.

Chef Little was born in Hanover and graduated with highest honors from the Culinary Institute of America. Following stints at some of the East Coast’s most prestigious kitchens, including New York’s Aureole and the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia, he returned to his hometown to share his passion for fresh, sustainable local ingredients prepared with world-class techniques at Sheppard Mansion.

“As a chef, I am absolutely dedicated to using local produce and seasonal ingredients in my recipes,” explains Chef Little. “There’s no reason that fine dining and local farmers should be mutually exclusive; instead, great cuisine and great ingredients should support each other and come together to create a meal that is truly extraordinary.”

Called Pennsylvania’s best local alternative to the French Laundry by Philadelphia Magazine, Sheppard Mansion (117 Frederick Street, 717-633-8075) offers guests a dining experience of unparalleled freshness. Sheppard Mansion is also a boutique hotel with nine elegant guest rooms, making it a natural destination for a romantic weekend getaway. Other nearby attractions include the historic battlefields of Gettysburg, dozens of antique markets, various snack food factory tours and visits to local horse and agricultural farms by appointment. For more information, or to make a reservation, visit Sheppard Mansion online at or call (717) 633-8075.