Holiday Tips for Finding the One…Perfect Culinary Gift

Let’s all say it together – the holiday season is all about giving! And while everyone’s cash flow seems to be shrinking, the list of folks we plan on gifting this season just keeps growing.

Here are some suggestions of bounty to bestow upon those few that require a little more thinking – all for less than $25!

For the Boss

The head honcho doesn’t expect the little guys to break the bank for a holiday gift, but that doesn’t mean a teensy something won’t go a long way. Lavish the Big Guy (or Girl) with a bottle of Sahlee Organic Olive Oil from A Taste of Olive. It has a fantastic fruity
finish and is great on salads, breads or with some intense parmigiana. A lavish taste for a lavish executive – perfect!

A Taste of Olive
40 S. High Street, WC

For the College Kid

Remember that year you lived solely off of Chinese take out and stolen apples from the cafeteria? What’s that? You still can’t stomach the smell of take out? Hmm…maybe a small gift card to a local market would help fill the nutritional void of that special twenty something in your life. Carlino’s Market is within walking distance from West Chester University and is filled with hearty food of which an undergrad can only dream.

Carlino’s Market
128 W. Market Street, WC

For the At-Home Creative Chef

There’s nothing more satisfying to an at-home chef than seeing your masterpiece look like it belongs out there in the real restaurant world. These little cupcake wrappers will delight any culinarian and, at under $15, will delight you, too! Choose from picket fences, filigree, roses and more.

Shop Modi

For the Friend on the go

Everyone’s green, green, green these days, but – let’s face it – sometimes being green is still far from fashionable. Gift a close pal this amazing ceramic coffee mug from and allow them to finally retire their oversized plastic Wawa mug! It’s happily priced at $22 and, as an added bonus, will save them a few cents at coffee shops for bringing their own cup. And while you’re at it, swing by local coffee shop Fennario and throw in a bag of their organic fair trade Mexican blend for only $9.25!


111 S. Church Street, WC

For the Non-Corporate Consumer

Sounds like a weird category, I know, but I bet everyone has at least one or two friends who are hard to buy for because they refuse to put their money into The Man’s hands! The online shop is chock-full of holiday goodies, all handmade and ready to deliver! Etsians offer a lot when it comes to satisfying the stomach, including things like made-to-order gourmet cookies, jams, snackies and lots more. I love this carrot marmalade – 8 oz of happiness!


For the Drinker

Talk about creative juices! When I saw that Whole Foods carried this little gem, I fell even more in love with the food giant! Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup (not the most creative name, though) will set you back only about $12 and is amazing in champagne – even a cheap bottle! Drop in a flower and a bit of syrup and have a tasty bellini that no drinker will turn down.

Whole Foods
821 Lancaster Ave
Devon, PA 19333