Holiday Update from Oasis Cafe

Hi Everyone!

We know you’re already overloaded with seasonal details so listed below is a brief summary of updates :

1. Hours for Dec 15 through Dec 24.
Mon-Tues-Wed: Cafe hours: 11am-3pm **The retail store will be open until 4pm
Thurs-Fri: 11am-5:30pm
Sat: 11:30am-3:30pm

Dec 25 – Dec 28 we are CLOSED for a short break! Reopening Monday Dec 29.

2. Details on Ordering
Consider us your personal shoppers! If there’s something you need at Oasis and are worried it may
fly off the shelf before you travel all the way out here to Frazer…Call Us!
We’ll be happy to put something aside for you!

New stock is arriving daily from our many rawfood vendors! Olives are back with more varieties on the way!
The new crop of local raw honey from Swarmbustin’ is in and packaged in hexagonal gift jars.
We also have the Fall crop of fresh local bee pollen and propolis too!

Here are just a few of the raw foods we have in stock:
Oasis Raw Chocolates-bars, truffles, holiday treats-be sure to check out the chocolate gnomes!
Raw Chocolate Covered Pretzels will be back in stock on Wednesday Dec 17.
Flax Wraps, Flax Crackers, Buckwheat Crackers, Large Pizza Crusts, etc.
Chocolate syrup, Fudge Sauce. Coconut Chip spreads- now also in 2oz gift basket size.
Raw Desserts: Chocolate Creme Tarts and Lemon Cashew Cheesecakes*
*if you need these for a certain day it’s best to call a few days ahead to pre-order.
Raw Cashew Dressings, Sprouted Hummus and Nut Pate:
Dressings and hummus can also be pre-ordered to insure optimum freshness for your holiday parties.**
**Please call one day ahead.

Out of Time? We can ship a box of your favorites right to your door- priority 2-day USPS.

🙂 Many, many thanks to those of you who are helping with our adopted Cares Food Network family- we appreciate all of the donations of clothes, toys, books,etc.
If you still have items to drop-off , the last day to donate is Monday Dec.22.

*Special thanks to Zephyr for boldly taking on the task of managing the email list and all of the new subscribers!

We hope you have a great holiday. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
Tiffany, Alli, Jonathan, Sean and Zephyr
The Staff at Oasis Living Cuisine
134 Lancaster Avenue
Frazer, PA 19355

Questions? you can reach us at [email protected]