UPDATE:Holy COW! State Rep Barbara McIlvaine Smith Milks It

Pennsylvania state representative Barbara McIlvaine Smith, was in a Celebrity Cow Milking Competition at the Pennsylvania Farm show last week.

Here’s how she did:

Conversation with her son-in-law…

Me: So? How’d she do?
Barb’s son-in-law (B.S.I.L): Barb did exactly as well as a dairy princess — she was issued a brown Jersey Shorthorn, and neither Barb nor the D.P. could coax any milk from it!
The shame! The ignominy! Clearly, the winning strategy is to get issued the right cow from the beginning.
Me: I see.

B.S.I.L: Rumors are the cow was (shh!!) PRE-MILKED

Me: Ha! Excellent. I will have to write an update on the dish.
B.S.I.L: There were four teams, each with four members. Barb’s team got ZERO milk. The fact that the Dairy Princess also couldn’t get milk relieves her somewhat.

From a previous article…

Barb grew up on a dairy farm when she was a little girl, but even then they were doing machine milking — so her son-in-law got her some help.

He called around and found local biodynamic farmer Edie Griffiths of Seven Stars Farm, who gave them all a lesson. An awesome time was had by all.

After the milking lesson, Edie showed them around their yogurt-making operation.
Check out the farm for yourself and stay posted for a WC Dish field trip to check out the farm.

We’ll keep you posted on how Barb does in the contest too!

For more on Seven Stars Farm check out the website.