How Knowing About Food Got Me on Wheel of Fortune

My day started bright and early to make the Amtrak train. The train was relatively quiet, save for the businessmen behind me sharing stories of their female conquests over the weekend. Too much information for a Monday morning, especially before the coffee sets in.

With three hours to kill, I did what any woman would do–I shopped. A necklace and bag at H&M didn’t hit the wallet hard. I got a bite to eat and settled down reading Life & Style magazine. That Angelina Jolie! Lunch was a big disappointment – super salty crab
cakes. It’s pretty tough, in my opinion, to mess up crab cakes. I might have lost my appetite when I saw the woman next to me polish off a plate of nachos and a hamburger and fries by herself.

I freshened up in the bathroom: lipstick retouch, combed hair, nothing in my teeth. Check. Check. Check.

I made my way to the hotel where the auditions were being held. Outside the room everyone was quiet and serious, sizing each other up.

Finally, the 60 of us were called into a room. We were sitting in chairs facing a big TV with a Wheel highlight reel. Then the judges had us play a simulated game. When they called your name you had to jump up enthusiastically, shout out letters, buy vowels, spin or solve.

After 25 minutes of game playing and me solving the puzzle “Detroit Introduces the Minivan” they gave us a written test. The judges collected the tests and sent us away to narrow down the field.

I made the cut.

The second round was pretty intense. Teams of four stood up and simulated a game.

My group was last. I think that was a good thing, because I left them with a good impression. I spun that wheel. I shouted out my letters. I solved the puzzle “Hoagies and Soft Pretzels.”

Pays to be a foodie.

Then I gave my little introduction. “I’m Jamie Rogers from Philadelphia, PA. I work at a local hospital. I was married to my husband Shaun on 7-7-07. In my spare time I write for a foodie news and restaurant reviews website.”

And, that’s how I made it on Wheel of Fortune.

Traveling out to LA on Wednesday…any tips for me?