It's Like Burning Man… but with More Clothes…

On Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008 The Phoenix will burst into flame once again at the 5th Annual Firebird Festival. Starting at 4 PM Phoenixville’s Downtown District will be transformed into a performance art venue with storytellers, choruses, dancers and musicians; all performing and relating stories of Winter and of the Phoenix – the mythical bird and namesake of Phoenixville.

Located along the 200 and 300 blocks of Bridge Street, the festivities will take place in the Colonial Theatre, the Phoenix Village Art Center and Steel City Coffee House, as well as in the parking lot next to the Justice Building at 347 Bridge Street.

At the conclusion of the performances in the Theatre, the Arts Center, and Coffee House, a community Drum Ensemble accompanied by dancers will lead festival goers in a procession down Bridge Street to the giant, wooden Firebird just west of the Justice Building.

Two huge Peace birds – each carried by three people – will circle the Firebird, followed by Fire spinners and dancers. At 8 PM the Fire Master – selected by raffle to light the Firebird [tickets available at the event] will be handed a torch and will set the Phoenix ablaze. As it burns, the Firebird will act as a kiln, firing a cache of clay birds hidden inside. These birds, created by members of the community, will be exhibited at the Phoenix Village Art Center February 6th thru March 4th .

The Final Dish:

So HOT! I can’t wait.