Kooma is Open for Lunch!

A friend and I were looking for a place to grab lunch today when we made a marvelous discovery – Kooma is open for lunch! That’s right, West Chester’s favorite sushi spot has opened its doors to the lunchtime crowd.

Although the bright, Asian-modernist decor (or the club dance music, for that matter) doesn’t quite have the same effect during the day as it does after hours, a well-lit seat by the window is perfect for enjoying your meal and watching passersby on Gay Street. At 11:45 we had no problem getting a seat, but by the time we left, the place was quietly full of other lunchtime diners.

Their special lunch menu offers a variety of well-priced meals around $10, including both sushi and hot Japanese dishes. Their full sushi menu is also available. I tried a three-roll Maki combo of shrimp tempura, Alaska and California rolls for $13, which proved to be much more than I could eat.

So, when lunchtime is approaching and the sushi craving hits, you now have an alternative to the pre-packaged grocery store boxes. Head to Kooma!