Leavin' on a Jet Plane…

I decided to not sleep last night. It wasn’t intentional so much as impossible to sleep with the amount of laundry and packing I had to do before 5:30am, for my 7:00am flight. I am not the most domestic of women, so laundry tends to get done only in states of emergencies… you know, when I have no more underwear, too much dog hair on my clean clothes (how does that HAPPEN?), or if I’m going on a 10 day trip.

I’ve needed a break for awhile. Juggling a full-time job, WC Dish, a social life, avoiding a dating life (ugh), Rotaract and two dogs has left me exhausted. So when my college roommate invited me to visit her in Monterey, CA I booked a flight immediately. The last time I spent time with her was when she was living in Belize and working for the Peace Corps. I plan to have quality catch-up, reading, writing, walking, wining and dining time. Preferably I’ll be in a general state of tipsiness the entire time.

At 4:00am I held my sleepy puppies and cuddled with them till I thought my heart might burst. I hate that I am now one of “those people” that is obsessed with their dogs. I convince myself it’s okay because I am this way to prove to myself that I can be a good doggie mom I can be after losing my girl Honey. At 4:30am I got dressed (comfy jeans, black top and my favorite green shoes) and called the dogs to hop in the car.

I headed to Dunkin Donuts got a medium coffee and a sesame bagel.

“Do you want cream cheese?”

“Yeah, but do I want strawberry or veggie?”

“Veggie,” Rocky (I doubt that’s his name cause there is an older man that wears the same name tag) was the reply.

The old man at the table by the window advised that “you should just ask for both.”

“That’d be gross.” I said firmly with a smile. But thanked him anyway for his suggestions.

5:00am – I arrived back at my apartment, took the trash out, turned the heat down, checked every room to make sure I had everything and the dogs had everything they needed. I grabbed Waffles, leashed up Piper and dodged raindrops and puddles to get to my neighbors’ house. They have (seriously?) volunteered to watch my pups while I am gone. I leave the dogs with a heavy heart and a huge tug of guilt hoping my neighbors won’t hate me for what they are about to experience while I’m gone. I rattle off a list of things similar to what I heard when I was a babysitter from parents. “This is his favorite toy, I got extra treats that they love, here is a full list of contacts including their doctor in case you need anything,” followed by a “I’ll call everyday to check in.” After a reminder that they are indeed canines… I sucked up any anxiety from leaving them gave kisses and waited for my ride to the airport.

The Final Dish:

It takes a special man to drive you to the airport at 5:30am. Thank you Matt!