Lipstick Moms Get a Night Out

Lipstick Moms* [lip-stik momz] – plural noun. Group of ridiculously attractive women who have each given birth and are gathered together for the sole purpose of merriment.

*Not to be confused with Cougars [koo-gerz] – plural noun. Attractive single women over the age of 50 on the prowl for 20-something man flesh.

*But you may absolutely confuse all of these women with MILFs: acronym for Mom I’d Like to @#$%.
I see these moms everywhere; they’re racing off to work with half-dried, unstyled hair in out-dated and unflattering pants suits or with a blotchy complexion, their greasy hair tied back into a ponytail (every time I see this chick in the mirror it makes me cringe), donning stained sweats and dragging screaming kids around the grocery store.

What happened to these women? Who or what sucked all the fun and style out of them?

I recently met a woman who has taken pity on these lost soles and formed a therapeutic organization for them to once again find their inner Diva. Her name is Wendy Young and she plans a GNO (Girls Night Out) on the third Thursday of every month. Wendy describes her GNO as “a group of moms who know it’s necessary to get out of the house and connect with friends.” She blasts a monthly email to about 35 moms, who in turn can forward it to whomever they choose, as the invitation is open to all who would like to go – no RSVP required.

Selecting a location for this group to gather can be daunting because these girls are out for a good time and want to drink, so they need plenty of room to sprawl. They are more worldly and have a thicker wallet than a 21 year old, so a selection of wine, beer and a bartender who can mix a good drink is a must. Some of their fav WC spots are Teca, Landmark, Barnaby’s and Coyote’s rooftop (weather-permitting).

I recently ventured out with these moms to see how these sessions operate and if they truly can help these women shed their fizzled-out mommy skin. Destination: The Note on Market Street for a DJ Dance Party featuring the musical stylings of Madonna, Michael and Prince. After I paid my $5 cover, I spotted the group by the bar. How could I miss them; these women look gorgeous! Maybe it was the magic of a pair of spanx or the lift of a good bra. It could have been the trendy new shirt from Old Navy, but most likely it was the sheer glow of joy burning inside them as they enjoyed a few short hours of freedom.

The night was a blast – so much fun! I am hooked and hope to make the next month’s GNO. The next day as I was back to the grind: wiping buts, cooking meals that no one will eat and being asked “Mom watch this” a gazillion times, I laughed to myself about my silly girlfriend conversations from the previous night. This was the best therapy a mom could ask for and beats the $250 an hour you’d pay a shrink.

The Note

142 East Market Street

What we liked:


We were carded! As a gal who is closer to 40 than to 30, being carded is huge!

The Goth-inspired décor offers dim lighting – perfect for intimate conversations and a spacious bar to crowd around. The second-floor balcony is great for scanning the scene below. And, of course, there’s lots of room on the dance floor to get your groove on.

A well rounded bar menu that is moderately priced and serves until 11 pm. Mmmm…Five-Cheese Grilled Cheese served on herbed bread and layered with cheddar, Swiss, brie and gruyere cheese comes with fries for a mere $5.95 – the Blue Pear Bistro offers almost the same thing for $10 bucks. You may want to consider The Note as a food destination before the music starts.

Bam’s mom makes all of the desserts.

Awesome music venue – some really interesting bands are now making their way out to the WC!

What you should know:


I know the evening’s schedule called for a “Madonna, Michael and Prince Dance Party,” but is there some sort of law that the DJ absolutely cannot play any other music? I mean, you can only dance to so many songs from three artists. “Thriller” is a very, very long and semi-awkward song to dance to. Most of us grew up in the ‘80s and would have really appreciated some variety. The DJ even ignored a lot of our requests – boo!

They charge a $5 cover for a DJ.

Food for thought:

Women are like wine; they keep getting better with age.