'Little terrifying faces' discovered on broccoli

By Matthew Moore
Finding creatures in your food is never pleasant, but two chefs received the shock of their lives when they spotted tiny human faces smiling out at them from a packet of broccoli.


The miniscule heads – barely visible to the naked eye – were hidden among the florets on photos printed on a bag of the frozen vegetable.

Close-up shots reveal at least four faces, each painted green and no bigger than a broccoli tip.

Summer Allen-Gibson and Alicia Carrier, the US food bloggers who made the discovery, said they are baffled by the identities of the “little terrifying ecstatic faces”.

“We honestly can’t imagine why they’d sneak this in – other than for laughs, but it’s pretty darn funny,” they wrote on their Bread and Honey blog.

Commenters on their blog have speculated that the faces could have been inserted by executives at Cascadian Farm, the organic food firm who produced the broccoli, as an in-joke.

Other theories include that the heads were slipped onto the packaging as an act of subversion by the designers, or that the whole thing is an advertising stunt aimed at generating positive coverage for Cascadian Farm.

Ms Carrier, from Portland, Oregon, described the moment her friend and fellow blogger discovered the faces.

“She pointed – ‘Do you see?’ See what? I didn’t see anything. Just broccoli.

“Her finger tapped on a certain part of the box and she urged me to look closer. ‘There- right there. Do you see it? I’m not going to tell you what it is if you don’t see it.’

“And then, it suddenly became clear to me.”

Cascadian Farm, which is now owned by Small Planet Foods, has been producing organic products since being founded in the state of Washington in 1972.