My Sick Survival Guide

If you didn’t spend your holidays sick in bed like I did, then chances are that you’re bound to come down with something soon from all that partying. Now, if you’re a responsible person, you probably have a few items in your kitchen to prevent you from starving if you’re too sick to leave your house. On the other hand, if you’re like me, you’re out of luck. Fortunately, I live in West Chester, where delicious, healing foods are only a few steps (or a phone call) away!

Here is a short list of great foods to eat when you’re sick and where you can get them in town. In other words, my sick survival guide:

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chalk it up to either nutrition or comfort, but no one can argue that chicken noodle soup is the ultimate food to eat when you’re sick. My parents were kind enough to bring me a cup of it from Carlino’s , and I must admit that it worked almost as well as antibiotics. Thin savory broth, chunks of white meat and just the right mix of noodles and vegetables were exactly what I was craving. I’m not going to wait until I’m sick again to have this soup!

Fruits and Vegetables

The best natural way to heal yourself is to get as many vitamins as possible, preferably through fruits and vegetables. For some reason, though, eating a salad just doesn’t appeal to me when I’m not feeling well. Here’s an easy way out — try a smoothie from El Portal . You wouldn’t think a Mexican restaurant would be the place to go for smoothies, but trust me, these are delicious. With a handful of different fruits and flavors to mix together, these smoothies are almost too good to be healthy!


Let’s face it, nothing beats having your dinner come to you when you’re sofa-bound. Once I felt well enough to eat something hearty but still not well enough to actually go and get it, I simply picked up my phone and ordered in. My personal favorite is Wave Noodle. Their noodle dishes are perfect for when you’re sick, and their entrees are delicious no matter what. If you’re not in the mood for Chinese, you can also try the Pita Pit. I recommend Chicken Souvlaki or the Falafel.

These did the trick for me, but everyone has their own favorite sick survival guide. Feel free to share yours!

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