Oyster News from Our Oyster Expert

The Bishop of the Bivalue

Often while working I am asked a common question are these oysters wild?

This is an interesting question that deserves more than a simple yes or no answer.

So let me explain first that 95% of all oysters are farmed. While wild might seen better it is certainly more deserving of a bath when harvested than a farmed oyster. Wild oysters are often stuck in the mud there whole life and the best food they receive is water.

While many people are against farming oyster farmers are by far doing all good and no harm. They don’t put anything into the water expect oysters and don’t take anything out of the water expect larger oysters that have improved the water quality around them.

If you live in an area that has oysters being harvested than your water quality is good. If you live in an area where oysters are not being harvested than your water quality likely stinks.

So slurp on that folks till next week.

My crack at poetry

American oysters are like American people were all different in many ways.

People in language, oysters in taste.

People in color, oysters in shape.

People in personality, oysters in texture.

People in gender, oysters in body.

People in age, oysters in finish.

People in religion, oysters in savory ness.

That’s why I love America and oysters.

Andy I. Gadaleto