San Diego in a Flash

Here are a few snapshots (sorry they’re from my camera phone) from my recent trip to San Diego. I was there for event work but was lucky enough to enjoy the food. They are in no particular order.

1- Skyline from the ferry across the bay.

2- Coolest shirt I saw on the whole trip. I had to run after this guy in the airport to get a pic. I think I said something stupid like “I love Tater Tots too!”

3- A Mai Tai (in the lower left hand corner of the pic… you can barely see it cause I drank it all so quickly and then thought to take a pic) on Coronado Beach.

4- A beautiful hotel (that I didn’t stay at) called the Hotel Del Coronado.

5- The biggest and tastiest margarita I’ve ever had from Casa Guadalajara in Old Town. At least of what I can remember.

6- I scored a town car for the price of a cab out front of my hotel. I had no one else to rejoice with so I took a pic of myself and made the Russian driver (I forget his name) crank up his ABBA-like dance tunes.

7- Me. On the beach.

8- I love me some authentic Mexican Shrimp Cocktail. Mmmmm… Mmm.

9- When in doubt get a sampler plate. I figured I was so close to the Mexican boarder I’d be a fool not to try it all. (How do you say “doggie bag” in Spanish?)