Show Your Mama Some Love

It’s that time of year. Remember the mom in your life by showing them—and their stomachs—some love. So, I picked some of my favorite moms and picked the perfect spot for their Mother’s Day.


I always think of my own mom, Rosie, as a cross between the Hepburns. She loves simple, classic styles like Audrey, but has the spunk of Katharine. You could wine and dine her at the finest restaurant in town; however, all you really need to do is take her out for a simple breakfast.

Avalon is the perfect spot for the mom who loves the traditional brunch with a little twist. It has a great atmosphere, and the food won’t disappoint. One of West Chester’s BYOB gems, Avalon’s brunch features a wide range of seafood and pasta dishes and also includes a BYOV Create Your Own Bloody Mary Bar. Starting at $29 per person

Children Under 10, $12.95

Call 610-436-4100 for reservations.


One of my favorite moms is Dorothy O’Connor, the mother of one of my college roommates. Why? She likes a good glass of wine. After a festive wedding and one too many glasses of red, Dorothy came home and got in the shower. A few minutes later, her husband heard her yelling about her sudden blindness. Mr. O’Connor proceeded to help his wife remove her glasses, which had gotten steamed up from the hot water.

Mrs. O’Connor would like Cosimo, one of my favorite spots for some yummy food and yummier wine…lots of yummy wine. Don’t miss the Brunch Buffet with such goodies as Southern Style Eggs Benedict, Roast Pork, Seafood Melange and more.

$26.00 Per Person

Children Under 12, $12

Call 610-647-1233 for reservations.

High Street Caffe

Always up to try something new and different, but loyal to great restaurants, my friend Hilary is a foodie mom. She loves all flavors and nationalities of foods and doesn’t bat her eye at trying something different. For my recent trip to LA, she researched restaurants for me to try. Gotta love that!

Always up for something new, I know that Hilary would love the High Street Caffe. Consistently one of the best spots for dinner in West Chester, High Street features an eclectic menu of Cajun and Creole classics. Just thinking of their Jambalaya and Blackened Alligator makes my mouth water. And, on Sunday nights, they feature great jazz. Take your mama out for a spicy night.

Call 610-696-7435 for reservations.

To all the moms out there….Happy Mother’s Day!