The Road to Breakfast

I wake up on Sunday morning after an evening of seeing Daniel Craig without a shirt on (hot damn- how do I get to play a Bond girl?) and an overall fun-filled Saturday night in Monterey.

The first thing I see in the morning is the beautiful sunrise outside of the apartment. Patty has a bay view and I do my best to capture the deliciousness of it with a camera but it doesn’t do it justice.

Our plan is to head down the coast to visit a friend and have “the best breakfast in the area.” I am so game for this after I hear that someone rated this little spot as having the best eggs Benedict in the area (Yes, I realize I just had some the morning prior and I don’t care.). The morning drive down the coast to Big Sur is breathtaking. It’s warm enough at 8:30 am to have the windows down and I contemplate never leaving…even before tasting the breakfast.

Here’s a video of the road to breakfast; it’s not overly exciting but we were testing out the video feature on her camera (We were rocking out to Moby so it’s kinda loud…).

Patty has never been to this place before so as we drive through the redwoods, camp grounds and state parks by the ocean I tell her we must be near it because, “I smell breakfast, sweet delicious breakfast smells are outside.” She disregards my comment, and we drive farther down the coast to…nothing. We turn around to the spot where I smelled breakfast (and don’t even think I’m THAT crazy – you know what I’m talking about…the kitchen fans pipe out sweet aromas of fresh pancakes, smokiness of bacon and savoriness of potatoes from the grill.)

We arrive at Deetjens Big Sur Inn and Restaurant. It’s an eccentric mix of cedar cabins, trails and buildings all clustered together into one main lodging and dining location.

We sit in the porch room and check out the menu as we sip our coffee. They place creamer on our table and the sugar is in the form of large brown raw sugar in a glass container. I love it so much I take a picture of it.

I have such a hard time deciding what combinations I want with my eggs benny that I get overwhelmed and ask the server of 15 years what the best combo is. She, of course, suggests that after so much time the traditional is what she prefers. I consider this, but then order the in-house smoked Pacific salmon, tomatoes and avocado. Patty gets benny with mushrooms, bacon and tomato. Both of us win. Any combo works…the eggs are naturally poached (opposed to plastic-shaped variations I’ve had), the hollandaise is homemade and has a kick of cayenne pepper and all the fixin’s are fantastic pairings with all of the components.

We finish up breakfast and plan to find a winery, buy a bottle of wine, sit on the beach and enjoy Sunday afternoon near the redwoods. Little did we know that it wasn’t so simple…

The Final Dish:

A great breakfast is a great way to start off a day when crazy things happen.