They Call it Puppy Love

I stare at pictures of us all day; we walk around town as if no one else exists. I’m definitely smitten with my Valentine this year. The only thing is… my Valentine won’t be taking me out to dinner. In fact, we’ll probably be staying in and having boiled chicken and rice… on the floor.

I was lucky enough to bring home a rescue dog last week. She’s so sweet and has a beautiful golden coat, so it was only fitting to name her Honey. She’s everything I could ask for in a furry companion and I’m totally in love.

Now, being a foodie and having a dog may be tough in the winter because we don’t have many dog-friendly restaurants in town with indoor seating, but so far it has been just fine. She is only about ten pounds, so she can easily go into any place while I pick up take-out or grab a coffee.

For those of you who will be going out to dinner with a non-canine Valentine check out all your options in our In Other Food News Section for menus and activities.

After my Thursday night dinner with Honey I’ll be at Katimac Floral Designs (the BEST florist in town) in West Chester on High Street (probably with Honey) if you want to stop by and pick up some flowers for your loved one!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Show ’em you love ’em with good food!

The Final Dish: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”- U2 (But a dog certainly helps).