Wheel of Fortune Update

Here’s how Jamie’s Wheel of Fortune experience went…

Hi, WC Dishers,

Just a little report on my Wheel of Fortune Experience.

After some bad luck on the wheel and playing against someone who was a solving machine, I did not come back with fortunes, just the consolation prize.

In my interview with Pat I did mention that I wrote for a foodie news and restaurant reviews website. I think I said the word “local” four times in my introduction. It was his eyes…so blue and entrancing.

Check me out on Wednesday, April 9th and in commercials leading up to the night.

Sorry to disappoint you all! I had fun and had good food while I was out there.

Meals Included:
-Serrano Ham Flatbread at Ford’s Filling Station in
Culver City (owned by Harrison Ford’s son)

-Seared Scallops and Lobster Hashbrowns at The Lobster
at the Santa Monica Pier

-Pepperoni Pizza at Louie’s at Universal Studios. This
pizza was so good that I had to include it in my

-Endless Summer Light Beer at Karl Strauss Brewery,
enjoyed while watching Villanova lose.

Thanks for your well wishes, WC Dishers!