Where in the World is My Pizza?

Now you don’t even have to guess. Domino’s offers a pizza tracker so you can view the progress and location of your pizza. Kind of like tracking for a Fed-Ex package, this feature is a benefit for the neurotic delivery-mavens like me who are anxious enough to track our pies online.

So, that got me thinking; what other technology should be brought to delivery?

Food Delivery Via Segway

Bikes with wire baskets are a thing of the past. Food delivery via this two wheeled, self-balancing machine is Seg-waaaay cooler than a ten-speed. Good luck balancing the General Tsao’s Chicken on the handles, though.

On-Hold Message iPod

Almost nothing is worse than being put on hold while waiting to place your order; the worst is listening to elevator music. What if you had a choice of the music you got to listen to? Press “1” to hear “Wishing Well” by Terence Trent D’Arby. “Hugging like a monkey see, monkey do…”

Food On-Demand

Like the digital cable feature, you can order your dinner On-Demand. Select the menu on your TV and choose from the available apps, entrees and desserts. After a five-minute “loading” time, your order is delivered to your door. There’s no need to pay the delivery person — total bill and tip will appear on your monthly cable bill.

Come, my friend, dream with me. Share your hopes for the future of delivery.