Wing Things

‘Tis the season for super bowl food. Which would explain why there seem to be dozens of wing-related happenings in my life at the moment. And I can’t lie…I don’t really LOVE wings all that much.

I will eat them, but prefer to pick the good bits of meat off of the bones with my fingers (to avoid fatty and questionable parts of the chicken) and then I dip the meat into blue cheese dressing and stop after only a few. There is just something about fatty pieces of deep-fried chicken soaked in buttery hot sauce and then dunked in the most indulgent dressing possible that makes me feel a wee bit guilty about eating them. But, the taste is fantastic, so I am excited to get a taste of the following wing things happening. Check them out.

Here’s the schedule on wing activities:

Wing Eating Competition on WCOJ Monday 1/20:

Tune into WCOJ on Monday morning between 8 am and 10 am for a live competition between JT and his friend Dan. Dan has challenged JT to eat 30 wings in under 5 min. Let the games begin. Thank you to Iron Hill for providing the wings!

The Wing Ding Competition 1/24:

Enter this year’s Wing Ding with the Daily Local News. It’s free to enter…just fill out a form in The Daily Local News and mail it or drop it off at 250 N. Bradford Ave., WC PA 19382.

Fifteen lucky chefs will be chosen to compete in the Wing Ding at Ryan’s Pub January 22 at 6 pm. Judges (I get to be one!) will pick the top two wing winners. WINNERS TO GO THE WING BOWL on Feb 1 at the Wachovia Center.

The Wing Bowl 2/1:

I’ll be covering the action of this year’s Wing Bowl in Philly and am still trying to figure out exactly what is going to happen. Tickets are sold out but I’ll let you know all about the “frat party” craziness I’ve been told I will experience. For all the pre-party activities that I’ve discovered check out the link above.

The Final Dish:

Nanna nanna nanna nah….nanna nanna nanna nah…(doing the chicken dance.) Here I come wings!