Yummiest Books in Town

I’ve recently fallen in love…with a bookstore. It isn’t just any bookstore. It’s Armadillo Bookstore at 109 N High St.

Why, you ask? Because EVERY SINGLE BOOK IS $3.95! That’s why. They have delicious books in almost every topic. I’ve been there many times and always end up walking out with a food-related book (go figure!) Here are a few I’ve scooped up in the last few months.

The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman

This doesn’t really need a description.

A Man, a Can and a Tailgate Plan by Zachary Scheisgal

This involves 50 tailgating recipes that are healthy and easy to make. It makes me laugh because the photos go like this: a can of soup + a package of hamburger + a bag of shredded cheese = a delicious casserole that you can prepare quickly and easily. From appetizers to desserts, this is a no-mess-up guide for guys tailgating.

The Sex Life of Food by Bunny Crumpaker

This is a book that looks at food and sex and shows how they go together much more in our daily lives than we realize. Love it.

Eating Naked by Stephen Dobyns

I judged this book by the cover and found out later it has nothing to do with food, but it looks good anyway.

Chocolate by Mort Rosenblum

“A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light.” Excerpt: “Nothing, in short compares with chocolate as a luscious fundament of human life.” I say mmmmm.

Last Bite by Nancy Verde Barr

A novel of culinary romance. I’m already hooked.

Blue Plate Special by Frances Norris

A novel of love, loss and food. It’s a story about a woman who is a food stylist and is searching for the real meaning of life after her parents die. Awesome. I’m halfway through it already.

And last but not least; the BEST purchase for me so far is…

The Official Iron Chef Book

“Here at long last is what die-hard fans have been yearning for.” -The San Jose Mercury News.

Being a huge fan of the original series and a big fan of the American version, I saw a bright, heavenly light radiating from this book on the shelf at Armadillo Books. This purchase made me very happy.

The Final Dish

You just can’t lose. EVERYTHING is $3.95. (Which explains why I have other random books, including Star Guide to Guys.) The only thing is that there is a small black marking on each book in the store. So yes, anyone in my life that got a book from me for Christmas…I got it there and spent less than five bucks. I admit it.

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