BBQ Lovin' from The BBQ Bachelor

From the love and bbq expert BBQB…

I get a lot of emails that usually read something to the effect “BBQB, I’ve been trying to run tail for months now but keep coming up short. What am I doing wrong?”. My response is usually, “I have no idea.” Today, however, I will try to provide some advice. Valentine’s Day is right around corner and you can use this Hallmark holiday to impress a special someone.

I have done extensive research on women and concluded that you can almost never go wrong with flowers. Sorry Hershey, but only fools buy chocolate for girls. Do you really want her eating all of that chocolate? West Chester has several top notch florists to chose from but recently I went to West Chester Florist/Kati Mac Floral Designs on South High St. Its not a huge store but the people are very friendly and helpful. But even more convenient is the fact that they are located right next door to A Taste Of Olive. A Taste Of Olive is located on 40 S High St in West Chester PA. If you are someone that eats food on a daily basis I highly recommend stopping by there. The store specializes in high quality olive oils and vinegars. Even if you are culinarily challenged, my suggestion to you is that you plan a little romantic dinner with your honey.

All you need to do is pick up 2 bottles of red wine (3 bottles if you think she will want any), a few long stem red roses, a bottle of olive oil, and a baguette from Carlinos. While Carlino’s can be a little pricey, their breads are very affordable and excellent. Pour a little bit of olive oil in a shallow dish and add a pinch of sea salt. If she is cool, then also add a pinch of garlic powder. That’s it. Dip the bread into the olive and enjoy the wine. As for the dinner part of the dinner, if you know how to cook then I suggest grilling some salmon…otherwise get some takeout from Carlino’s. Good luck.