VOTE NOW! Chester County Choice Awards

 Cue the music. Hit the lights and roll out the red carpet. It’s time for the Chester County Choice Awards 2009.

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So what are the Chester County Choice Awards you ask?


Presented by CC: Chester County Cuisine & Nightlife, the Daily Local News and, the Chester County Choice Awards 2009 will honor the finest in what else? Chester County Cuisine and Nightlife.




From the best hot dog, burger, beer and pizza to the finest in happy hours, sports bars, fine dining and best place for a romantic night, the Chester County Choice Awards will honor all that is Chester County.


Separate from the Daily Local’s Readers’ Choice Awards, this first annual Chester County Choice Awards has given a special focus to awards for restaurants and nightlife spots. There will not be paper ballots and all voting will be done online at


Also, the voting at leads up to this year’s Restaurant Festival – Sept. 20 – held each year in West Chester. (The rain date is Sept. 27)


In the Chester County Choice Awards there will be 32 categories. The honored nominees as selected by the CC editorial board, take the best five to 10 in each category. Those nominated are already winners! The final voting allows you, the readers, to pick the top winners in each of the 32 categories.


“The nominees are already winners,” said Daily Local News and CC Publisher Randy Notter. “The list is one which recognizes the top performers in the 32 categories. Now it’s up to the people.”


The voting for the final winners begins on Sept. 16 and ends Sept. 27. The final winners will be recognized in a special edition of CC on Oct. 21. Readers are permitted to vote in all of the categories once.


Daily Local News and CC Publisher Randall P. Notter says he’s very excited about the initial launch of the Chester County Choice Awards.


“Don’t let your favorite places go without your vote,” Notter said. “Just like American Idol, every vote counts.”


“It’s about time the community gets an opportunity to choose their favorite food and nightlife spots in Chester County. Everyone has their favorite place and this is a chance to give recognition to those that deserve it. Other awards are given based purely on the publication’s choice, not in this case, it’s up to the readers to decide and that makes me very happy,” says Mary Bigham, founder of

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