Drink Me, I'm Irish

I may not be Irish, but I do know my coffee, and before there was vodka–redbull drinks there was the Irish Coffee. That drink that has warmed many chilly citizens of frigid climates on those harsh days of winter. But with something this tasty, you don’t need 10 feet of snow for an excuse to enjoy it, it great any time of year, and very haute on the greenest day of the year, St. Patrick’s Day. So here’s my take on the classic, and my only requirement is, make more than one! (with this recipe, you’ll make friends very quickly)


1 5 oz Americano- to fill you in on what this is check out my last coffee article.

1 1/2 oz (or 3 tablespoons) of Irish whiskey (the traditional set by the Buena Vista Cafe is Tullamore Dew, but I don’t discriminate)

2 teaspoons of natural (turbinado) sugar

1/4 cup of chilled heavy cream.


1 Irish Coffee glass (or favorite mug)

1 average table spoon

First, fill your cup (or mug) half way with warm water. Prepare your Americano. Dump out the water and pour in the Americano. Then, add your sugar and whisky, stir until the sugar is dissolved. Now, place the spoon curved-side up slightly above your mixed coffee and slowly pour the heavy cream over the top of the spoon (ala Guinness style). If done correctly, this will result in a beautiful layered drink wherein your palate gets the warm coffee/whiskey through the wonderful cream. For a little extra spice (yes, pun intended) grind a little bit of fresh nutmeg or cinnamon.