Five Great Food Secrets

Turkey Club

De Starrs Restaurant & Bar
112 E Gay St
West Chester

While I still scratch my head at the fact that they have a bar and close at 9 p.m., I have fully embraced the fact that this place has the best turkey clubs of all time. I’m talking the kind of turkey club you see on a menu and you hope it looks like the picture but it’s never close. The kind with freshly carved turkey meat (your choice of dark or white meat), crisp iceberg lettuce, bacon, tomato, a healthy schmeer of mayo along with your choice of white, wheat or rye (my personal favorite) served along with chips and a pickle.

Ron’s Original Bar and Grille
Route 113, just North of Rout 100 – 74 E Uwchlan Ave.

If you haven’t had one, shame on you! They are Ron’s most popular item and you can’t get them anywhere else. What are they? Well, it’s kind of like a personal pizza only it’s oval pizza dough, topped with mouth watering ingredients, cheese, special seasonings and then baked. There you go… you have an “Oval.”
Any Oval $6.49 – lunch, $6.95-7.95 — dinner

Flavors range from Chicken BBQ, Potato and Bacon (with ranch and mozzarella), Chicken Mediterranean, BLT, Italian or build your own.
Don’t forget their amazing beer selection on draft or by the bottle to wash down your oval. You have to see it to believe it.

Ron’s Original Bar and Grille
Route 113, just North of Rout 100 – 74 E Uwchlan Avenue

$3.00 Cheesesteak
Jitter’s Sport Bar
146 W Gay St
West Chester
(610) 696-0427

After 7 p.m. on Wednesday you can score $3.00 cheesesteaks. Eat-in only. These huge and delicious cheesesteaks are crazy good for 3 bucks. That’s it. They are good and cheap. Now go.

Amazing Pizza Deals

Thomasene’s Pizza
323 E. Gay St Unit B-2A

Local: 610-344-9071
2 Slices and a Soda for $3.00!

This spot has been open since October and 31 year old Mike Fishberg runs the place and makes his “own creation” of pizza that is a thin crust with sauce on top pizza for amazing prices.

Daily Specials:
Saturday and Sunday: $6.00 gets you a large pizza (eat-in only)
Monday: $3.00 Meatball sub add fries for a buck
Tuesday: $2.00 Cheesesteaks add fries for a buck
Wednesday: $2.00 Cheeseburgers add fries for a buck
Thursday: $1.00 slices

Chicken fingers are cut and beer battered in-house for $5.50. Yum.

Soup and Sandwiches
Oliver Soup Cafe
230 W Market St
West Chester
(610) 696-1173

Soup, salad and sandwich menu changes daily. Customer favorites are stuffed zucchini, the chicken chili and the sandwiches that are built around different Orphans like the Sikes: a roast beef sandwich with molasses barbecue sauce, red onions and mozzarella cheese. Lobster bisque is amazing as is the ham and bean and with over 300 soup recipes so you will always find something you love. Soups start at $3.00 and goes up to $4.50 for a large. Get a 1/2 sandwich, soup and 2 sides for $5.95. Or a 1/2 sandwich and small salad for $6.95. That is pretty recession-proof so go ahead and take your boss out to lunch and look like a rock star. Open for Lunch and Dinner.