Flavor Restaurant Wine Tasting

Flavor Restaurant proudly presents its first wine tasting with wine selections from Hudson Austin, wine consultant from the Wine Merchant, ltd. Innovative plates by Takao Iinuma,

Corporate Chef of Win Signature Restaurants

Tae Tanawut and Zack Wannawong , Executive Chefs of Flavor Restaurant

Thursday, February 26th, 2009, 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Sushi – Big eye tuna, wild striped bass, yellow tail, Scottish salmon, California roll

Recommended pairing – Gewürztraminer, Pacific Rim, USA 07’

The wine is crafted from Washington and Oregon grapes and is crisp with a slight residual sugar of 1.7% with lush flavors of lychee, melon and tangerine.

Fresh wild albacore ceviche – Orange, red onion, tomato, jalapeño, hot yellow Pepper sauce

Recommended pairing –Riesling, Dionysus Vineyard, Columbia Valley, WA , 07’ This wine shows bright pineapple, lemon and honey characters that unfold on the palate as peach and almond. long and supple finish.

Thai style sweet fried chicken – Herb and honey marinated wrapped in bamboo leaf served with a mango plum sauce

Recommended pairing –Pinot Noir, Big Sky, WA, 06’

A superbly balanced wine with beautiful aromas of black cherry and rich dark fruit with a touch of dark chocolate, cinnamon and spice. The complex flavors are joined with a lush mouth feel and a long seductive finish.

Braised beef short rib – Sweet soy reduction with sautéed garlic spinach

Recommended pairing –Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington Hills, Columbia Valley, WA, 06’

Deep violet color invites you to aromas of cinnamon, plums and smoke. Delicious fruit flavors of blackberries and plums are complemented by firm tannins on the finish.

$35 per person, all inclusive, space is limited; tickets are sold ahead of the event. For more information call 610-688-5853

or visit www.flavorwayne.com