Fresh Food at your Doorstep. Literally.

Farm in your Yard is a new venture from Happy Cat Farm that joins homeowners and unfulfilled opportunities for food production within their properties. Over the years we have designed and built tons of vegetable gardens and potagers, but this year we are taking it one step further.

We will come to your house, meet with you and engage, inspire and challenge you to think differently about your food shed and the role that you and your family play in that system. We then figure out what food you and your family enjoy cooking with and what would work in your outdoor landscape. We will take that information into consideration and design and build a sustainable edible landscape, which can range from tomatoes pots to half-acre lots full of vegetable and fruit trees and shrubs. We can also maintain these garden spaces with weekly watering, weeding and harvesting. When we are finished, a box of produce from the Farm in your Yard is waiting for you. We encourage homeowners to be involved with this process as much or as little as they want. We also offer one-on-one lessons so homeowners can learn how to become their own farmer in their yard.

For details call Tim and Amy at Happy Cat Farm soon, as spring 2009 is booking quickly.

Phone: 610.217.7723

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