Funny Whopper Virgins

I recently posted a link to the controversy over `Whopper Virgin’ ads produced by Burger King (article link.)

In case you missed the commercials the concept was that the the No. 2 burger maker in the United States asked farmers in the Transylvania region of Romania, the Hmong tribe of Thailand, and other folks in far-flung places, to sample its Whopper alongside McDonald’s Big Mac and declare the winner.

This caused a lot of… WTF’s from the public (including myself) so I couldn’t help but crack up at a recent Saturday Night Live skit mocking the Virg-o-mercials.

Below is a link with the story behind the real commercials… after watching it I can’t help but wonder how much it cost to 1- build a transportable BK broiler and 2- hire a helicopter to lug the thing around.

The Final Dish: Still wondering WTF but loving SNL.