He Said, She Said





The Singles:

Age: 29
Occupation: Ski Instructor
Hobbies: Traveling, music, photography, family and friends, staying active with skiing, biking and staying in shape.

Age: 24
Occupation:  Fashion Designer
Hobbies: Making out, eating food, taking walks, shopping, art, music, snowboarding trips, sewing (making clothing and bags), having dinner parties, traveling and driving fast.

First Impressions?

Beau: My first impression of Amy was that she was pretty, tall and tan. She also seemed very friendly and personable.

Amy: My first impression was that he seemed nice, although a bit quiet for me.

Beau: She looked nice. She had on a black dress and a really cool gold necklace that looked like two feathers.

Amy: He looked nice; his hair looked soft. He was right on time and, as usual, I was late.

Were They Your type?

Beau: I don’t have a type per say. She fit within the parameters of someone I would be interested in: attractive, in shape, educated, traveled and personable. (He laughs, So maybe I do have a type?)

Amy: He didn’t really have the dynamic personality that I am attracted to.

The Restaurant:

Beau: The Italian Social Club is a good Italian place. The name alone invokes imagery of an old Italian speakeasy or hangout to me.

Amy: The atmosphere reminded me of a banquet hall at a mid-priced hotel.

Beau: They recently moved from their original location in downtown West Chester to a newer location so the architecture was not condusive to the imagery I conjured up. That being said, the place was nice, the staff was amazing and the atmosphere was a dimly lit traditional Italian setting. It was nice.

Drinks and Appetizers:

Beau: I ordered a Peroni…it’s a great Italian beer. I love it; it’s one of my favorites.

Amy: I ordered a Peroni. It was tasty.

Beau: I forget the name…begins with a C…(Caprese Salad). She got the same thing. It is sliced tomato with sliced fresh mozzerella in between with pesto on top and some balsamic. It was so delicious!

Amy: We both ordered a Caprese Salad. It had a pretty presentation and a good dressing.

Main Course:

Beau: I ordered the special, which was a creamy based pesto with a hint of marinara served with chicken. It was very good and had a very rich sauce.

Amy: I ordered the Fra Diavolo with Crab Meat. I liked it. It wasn’t too spicy and had a ton of crab.


Beau: We split the cannoli. It was really good. I also had a coffee.

Amy: Cannoli, which I can’t stand in general but I was happy to share it with him.

How was the service?

Beau: The service was great. Not rushed at all and we had a very nice pace to the dinner.

Amy: The service was very even. The staff was nice, they smiled a lot and seemed to have a nice time talking at the bar waiting for us to leave at the end of the night.

The conversation:

Beau: Initially the conversation was good. Within 15 minutes or so though I think we both felt there was no connection. I hate awkward moments of silence so I felt like I had to keep the conversation going. It was tough, but you can’t force chemistry.

Amy: There were a few quiet moments where it seemed like he was searching for things to say. It almost seemed like he practiced a list of questions to ask.

Beau: We talked about the basics, like where we are from, where we went to school, what we do for a living. We also talked a decent amount about traveling because we both love to travel.

Amy: We talked the basics: school, work, etc. He talked about how he is a snowboarder and had a big beard for 6 years.

The Twist:

Beau: During our conversation I talked about age and she mentioned that I looked younger. I normally have a beard, which makes me look older. It was at that point that Amy said, “I have a friend from college and you would be her, like, dream guy. Do you mind if I give you her number?”

Amy: When I heard about the beard, I blurted out, “One of my friends would love you!” I gave him her number.

Beau: At that point I realized for certain that we both were feeling the same non connection on the date. We both acknowledged at that point that we were feeling the same way. At the end of the date she game her friend’s number. Then we parted ways after that.

Was it a match?

Beau: Not with Amy. It looks like her friend and I are, though.

Amy: No.

Was there a kiss?

Beau: No.

Amy: No.

Will there be a second date?

Beau: With Amy, no. I called her friend the next night. We met up later that week and have hit it off so far.

Amy: Nope. He already went out with my friend. She said she hit it off with him and can’t wait to hang out again!

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