He Said, She Said. A Blind Dates Goes to Pace One.

Was he enough of a punk for her? Was she enough to take his attention away from the waitress?

The Singles:

The guy: Ryan

Age: 30

Job: Project Coordinator

Hobbies: Motorcycling, snowboarding, extreme sports, going out, music, meeting new people

The girl: Marisa

Age: 31 years old

Job: Assistant Manager

Hobbies: I like to surf, I love the ocean, reading a good book, going to concerts and meeting new people. I love musicians and people who enjoy music. I have tattoos, so I also like a guy who has tattoos also or isn’t offended by them!

The Restaurant:

Pace One Restaurant and Country Inn

341 Thornton Rd

Thornton, PA 19373

First Impressions?

Ryan: When I first saw Marisa I thought to myself. Well, she looks like a girl that would hang out in my group of friends but not really my type.

Marisa: Ryan was quite a gentleman. He had a flower for me when I got there.

Ryan: I decided to keep an open mind. In the past there have been plenty of times that the spark of attraction did not happen for me until after I got to know the person.

Marisa: I’m a bit of a punk rock girl and am looking for a punk rock guy. Ryan wasn’t really my type.

Ryan: Yes, she was dressed well. Not overdressed but defiantly put together well.

The Date:

Ryan: She was an hour late. I thought she was standing me up. She didn’t get off work until 7:30 and our reservation was for 8:15. I expected her to be later than 8:15; the restaurant is a little out of the way and if you are not familiar with the area then it would be difficult to find. As I waited I talked with our waitress Lauren and thought to myself too bad she is not the one that I was supposed to meet.

The Conversation:

Ryan: Marisa was definitely outgoing and easy to talk to. The conversation flowed well and we did not run out of things to talk about.

Marisa: Talk was good over dinner but I didn’t catch a spark with him.

The Restaurant:

Ryan: It was a 1700s restored stone barn with open beams and an elegant country feel. It was very comfortable. It was quiet and romantic yet quaint and cozy at the same time. It was definitely a good atmosphere for a date. The staff was great. During the hour that I was waiting for Marisa to show up the staff would stop and talk to me so I didn’t feel lonely.

The Service:

Ryan: The service was awesome. Very attentive but did not intrude too much. They made sure we had everything that we needed.

Marisa: Service by Lauren was excellent. What a sweet girl!

Drinks and Appetizers:

Ryan: I got Sam Adams. As the commercial says “Always a good decision.”

Ryan: I do not remember what the appetizer was called but it consisted of caramelized onions on top of thinly sliced sirloin baked on top of potato chips. Very tasty, I would definitely recommend it.

Marisa: I got a Vampire Kiss martini and we shared the appetizer and I really liked it.

Main Courses:

Ryan: I had the roasted salmon. It was roasted in a citrus sauce of some sort served with white rice and buttery green beans and carrots. I think they were pan fried but I am not sure. I was very happy with my meal.

Marisa: I ordered the Wild Mushroom Lasagna. I had a Hop Devil with dinner. The food was spectacular.


Ryan: I got Coffee. As we were waiting for the coffee she got a text message from her ride that she was on the way and would be there shortly.

Marisa: I got an Irish Coffee to end the night.

Ryan: She had explained to me that she had had her license suspended for a year. Apparently she forgot to pay some sort of minor infraction and her license had been suspended without her knowledge then she got pulled over and lost it for an additional year for driving on an already suspended license. Her ride arrived before I finished my coffee and she left.

Exchange Numbers?

Ryan: As I finished my coffee I thought to myself why not ask Lauren (the waitress) for her number. It worked out to be a good thing that Marisa had to leave so abruptly.

Was it a Match?

Ryan: I don’t think so. She was definitely a cool person and I would gladly hang out with her again in a non romantic situation.

Marisa: Would love to have Ryan as a friend.

Was there a kiss?

Ryan: No.

Marisa: No.

Will there be a second date?

Ryan: I don’t think so. But I hope there will be a first date with Lauren.