He Said, She Said; Was there enough spice for this couple?

Where two singles meet to review the food and each other…

The Couple:

Age: 35
Job: Senior Consultant
Hobbies: Motorcycles, fishing, camping, hunting, anything outdoorsy, eating great food with friends, cooking, walking through fields of daises (just kidding)

Age: 30
Job: Administrative Assistant
Hobbies: Volunteering, Music, Family, Hanging out with friends

The Restaurant

Firecreek Restaurant and Bar
20 East Lancaster Ave

First Impressions

Jenny: Well, I almost went up to the wrong guy. But then I saw Frank and I was relieved because Frank was way cuter than the other dude.

Frank: I really liked her outfit she looked very nice. She’s a very nice dresser.

The Restaurant

Jenny: We got there early so we could get a drink at the bar. I thought I’d start off with a Cosmo, which was delicious.

Frank: The restaurant was very nice and comfortable. It’s an old paper mill so it is very rustic and the atmosphere was amazing. I got a Gin and Tonic and she got a Cosmo that the bartender mixed very well for her.

Jenny: It took awhile for us to get seated but when we did sit down we ordered the St. Louis-style ribs in a Coca-cola barbecue sauce. I thought they were a little spicy but I’m also not a very adventurous eater either.

Frank: When we finally got seated we started with the ribs, they were very tender and delicious, they were well cooked and well seasoned.

Jenny: It was kind of weird because at one point they brought out a plate of nuts. Like fancy nuts. I’ve never had that happen before at a restaurant so we both were a little taken back.

Frank: We both just looked at each other when they came out and then I said, “would you like some of my nuts?” She thought that was pretty funny, but seriously the nuts threw us both off.

Main Course

Jenny: I got the grilled steak and fries and honestly everything was a bit too spicy for my taste.

Frank: I got the chili salmon with Pablano cream sauce over spicy red beans. The fish was well cooked but there wasn’t much flavor to it, very bland. Not enough spice for me or enough of the sauce but the fish was very well cooked.


Jenny: My favorite part was the dessert. It was basically a bunch of ice cream sandwiches with different flavors of ice cream.

Frank: We had the cookies and cream dessert and three different types of cookies with three flavors of ice cream. There was a snicker doodle cookie and vanilla and then strawberry and chocolate. The ice cream was great… the cookies were kinda bland.

Best Part

Jenny: The best part of the date was when I made him laugh so hard he snorted. I don’t even remember what I said, something like “Well, its not a night out with Jenny unless I mention the word herpes.” That’ll probably be under the worst part of his date that “she brought up STD’s.” Ha.

Frank: I’d say after the dinner was the best. We talked for at least two hours and had a really good time, she’s a great conversationalist. We got to know about each other a little bit better.

(When asked if he snorted on the date)

Frank: I did snort. In my defense I was taking a sip of water and I didn’t wanna spit it all over the place but yes, I did. The other funny part was when I was describing some parts of the ceiling that I knew about from my line of work since the restaurant was an old paper mill and she just looked at me and said “You’re a vast storage space of useless knowledge aren’t you?” And I laughed said “Yes, yes I am.”

Worst Part

Jenny: The food wasn’t amazing, but I really have nothing. The worst part of the date is we never set up a second one.

Frank: I’d say that I couldn’t enjoy the date as long as I would have liked to but I was traveling that day and I was extremely tired.

Was there a kiss?

Jenny: No, we had three teens looking at us waiting for us to leave so it was awkward. He asked for a hug though so that was nice.

Frank: No, I never kiss on the first date. Unless, of course, I’m jumped by a chick then I tend to stretch my rules a bit.

A Match?

Jenny: I had so much fun talking with Frank that I didn’t mind that I didn’t love the food, I was a happy lady. Its been a long time since I was treated like a lady and I felt like a lady on the date. It was funny though that he said that his favorite animal is a unicorn. That was … interesting.

Frank: She’s great and hilarious and I was very gracious to have the opportunity. It was a great time but I see us being better friends than being in a relationship.

Second date?

Jenny: I am not used to wanting to see someone again, so he hugged me and I left. Then he called the next day to let me know he had a great time.

Frank: Perhaps as friends but not in a romantic sense. How can you want to not hang out with someone that makes you snort?

Jenny: My friend says, when a guy doesn’t call after a good date, I just pretend they are dead. But you probably shouldn’t write that cause I don’t agree. It’s not like I’m bitter, he’s great.