He Said, She Said with Mallory and Eric

Where two singles meet to review the food and each other.

The Singles:

Age: 22
Job: Youth Coordinator for a Non- Profit
Hobbies: Sports, running, being active in the community

Age: 29
Job: Seafood Team Leader
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, running, biking

The Restaurant:

5492 West Chester Pike
(610) 664-8270

First Impressions:

Mallory: My first impression was good. He was on time and picked me up to go to the restaurant. He has a great smile, and he looked very nice.

Eric: I picked her up and I was very happy upon meeting. Mallory is very cute with a great smile, and even though we were both very nervous, we had a nice conversation on the way to the restaurant.

The Restaurant:

Mallory: The restaurant was really nice, I had never been before. It was big, but rather quiet so that was nice. The staff was very attentive and helpful!

Eric: Teikoku is awesome. They have a very relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, and the staff treated us great.

Drinks and Appetizers:

Mallory: I got a Mojito, it was very good! Since I had only had sushi once before I didn’t know what to get for sushi as an appetizer, so Eric suggested that we split a Godzilla Roll and a Spider Roll. I liked both of them.

Eric: We both got the Teikoku Mojito. It was delicious. It was only Mallory’s second time eating sushi, so she let me pick. I also got to teach her how to use chopsticks. We went with the Godzilla and Spider Roll. Both were good, but the Godzilla roll (shrimp tempura, bbq eel, avocado, strawberry, honey, macadamia nuts) is incredible.

The conversation:

Mallory: The conversation was very good. We talked about lots of different things and we had a lot in common!

Eric: The conversation was easy. We both asked each other a lot of questions, typical of a first date, and it was definitely smooth. We talked about our jobs and where we went to school, and how we ended up here on a “he said, she said” date.


Mallory: We split the Kobe Beef Hot Rock and we cooked the meat at the table, on the hot rock. It was interactive fun and tasted great.

Eric: The Sushi rolls were filling so we decided to split an entree. Everything sounded great, and we settled on the kobe beef hot rock because it sounded delicious and fun. The beef was thinly sliced and you got to season and cooked it yourself on the rock. It was great and I would definitely order it again.


Mallory: Fried ice cream and caramelized cheesecake with blueberry sauce. By the time the dessert came, I was very stuffed but it tasted too good so I ate it.

I have a sweet tooth and always look forward to dessert. We got the tempura fried ice cream and as recommended by the waitress, the caramelized cheesecake. Both were awesome, but we were too full to finish them.


Mallory: The service was excellent. No rushing whatsoever, we took awhile to order the main dish and they were great about it. Everyone was very helpful and nice.

Eric: The service was great. Our waitress made some good recommended and was patient with us as we were talking a lot and taking a long time to actually place our orders.

The Conversation Over Dinner:

We talked about a little bit of everything. We are actually from the same hometown so we had a lot in common. We talked about that, jobs, family, and even his past Halloween costumes.

I was really looking forward to talking about religion and politics, but we kept it light. We had no shortage of topics and talked about our family, sports, hobbies, the shore, movies, roommates…

Was it a match?

Mallory: I’d like to hang out again

Eric: I would say it’s a match

Was there a kiss?

Mallory: No

Eric: No kiss.

Will there be a second date?

Mallory: I hope so!

Eric: We exchanged numbers and I see a second date in our future

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