He Said, She Said with Sarah and Andy

The Singles: 

Sarah    Age: 35      Job: CEO and ePublisher of Aroundmainline.com

Hobbies:  Antiquing, watching college and pro football, working out with my trainer

Andy  Age: 29   Job: Business Owner

Hobbies: Volunteering, running, traveling

The Restaurant:

The Side Bar and Restaurant

10 E. Gay St. West Chester, Pa. 19380  610-429-8297

First Impressions:

Sarah: Andy was laid back and seemed really sweet from the start. I liked that he is tall, since I am only 5 feet 2 inches tall. I liked his looks. He was wearing a plaid, button-down shirt and slacks and he jumped right in and ordered a beer and started up a comfortable conversation.

Andy: I thought she was cute and very attractive. She was dressed very nice. My first impression was that she seemed very easy going. I was excited to get to know her better.

The Restaurant:

Sarah: Side Bar was packed! I loved the crowd and the holiday vibe; it was a really cozy setting for a freezing cold night and a perfect date spot for sure.

Andy: I’ve been to Side Bar for a few drinks but I have never been there to eat. I like the atmosphere; there are a lot of different ages there, so it seems to appeal to everyone and it’s really comfortable.

Drinks and Appetizers:

Sarah: Pinot Grigio always! And, we split the hummus plate and the hush puppies. They were very generous portions and we both loved the hush puppies and what I think was a hummus dip that came with them. When I go back, I am ordering up the hush puppies for sure.

Andy: We tried the hummus and the hush puppies. The hush puppies had a nice cheese sauce to go with them and were really crispy on the outside. They served them with ketchup, too, which was good. The hummus plate came with red peppers and olives and was tasty, too. The portions were great! I got a Hoegaarden to drink.

Awkward beginnings:

Sarah: Two times: When Andy came in, it was awkward a bit for me because it’s the few seconds of a first impression and I was really nervous. Then, after we sat down on our own upstairs for dinner, I realized the Nova game was right over his shoulder and there was no way I was going to get through dinner without watching it.

Andy: It wasn’t really awkward. I mean, dates are always tough because you don’t know each other, but it was surprisingly more comfortable than I thought it would be and the conversation was easy.


Sarah: Crab cakes were super yummy. And I’m not just saying that because Andy is their crab supplier! They were really good. I wasn’t wild about the sides that came with it, ironically enough!

Andy: I got the Jerk pork tenderloin. It came with apples and homemade pierogies filled with sweet potatoes topped with a really good sauce. It was just enough of everything and had a kick but not too much; I really liked it. Sarah offered to have me try some of her crab cake and it was excellent as well. Then I offered for her to try mine. I liked that we shared.


Sarah: I was so full, and I am not much of a dessert person. But Andy insisted I have a bite of his bananas foster. It was delicious. There was some insanely yummy caramel sauce with a liqueur of sorts in the bowl and I wish I had the appetite to have more of it.

Andy: We were pretty full. They have a unique dessert menu, but we settled for bananas foster with ice cream and it was was an excellent presentation; the banana was cut long-wise and it was really good.


Sarah: Mitchell was our waiter; he was cool! And he was knowledgeable about all the food and offered recommendations. It was great service considering how crowded it was; he was perfect.

Andy: Mitchell was our server and he did a really good job. He was attentive but laid back and he knew the menu really well, so that was helpful.

The Conversation:

Sarah: Andy definitely kept the conversation motoring. I kinda felt bad because I was facing the tv and Nova was playing for the national championship, so I was super distracted during parts of our chat. I don’t think he minded too much. I’m a huge sports fan and it was a great game. My mother would say its rude!

Andy: She told me about how she played field hockey in Connecticut and about her new fitness routine she is doing. Staying active is important to me, too, so it was nice to talk about. She explained her business to me and it was nice to talk to another business owner about the ins and outs of being self-employed, so I found that interesting.

Sarah: I also tend to talk about work a LOT so I tried not to go on and on about my website; not sure if I did a good job on that end. It was an interesting dynamic, since we both run our own businesses but very different types-his is a family owned, old-fashioned seafood biz and mine is a very modern, online magazine. I wasn’t sure how the night was going halfway in. He was super hard to read and it started making me a little nervous. Then he asked me my favorite food and I said hands down spaghetti and meatballs. Andy asked me if I put eggs in my meatballs. I just started laughing because I do not cook at ALL! He was kind of surprised but then there was some insinuation made on his part about cooking spaghetti and meatballs for me sometime and I thought that was a cute way to give me a positive signal that he was having a good time, so I felt a bit more relaxed. I also found out he is part Polish, too, which was fun!

After Dinner:

Sarah: We had a very good vibe at dinner and it was nice to hang out. I knew when dessert was over the night wasn’t over. We met some friends across the street at Spence where an awesome jazz band was playing. It was pretty loud with the band so I suggested we get a table in the corner just the two of us away from the crowd and that’s when things definitely got more intimate and interesting.

Andy: We decided to get a drink at Spence Cafe and listen to the band. Some mutual friends were there, so it seemed like a great spot to continue our evening.

Late Night:

Sarah: Let’s just say there were some sparks around midnight at Spence’s. We got into a comfort zone with each other at the table. I thought it was very endearing and made an impression on me. Some of Andy’s friends literally swooped in to Spence’s and kinda bombarded our table at one point, just when things were heating up. I think they may have been partying a bit beforehand, too! They were having some fun at his expense and heckling us a bit. I excused myself to use the restroom. When I came back just a few minutes later Andy was at the table all by himself. I found out later that he shooed them away so that he could spend some one-on-one time with me. I really liked that!

Andy: We really started to get more comfortable with each other and relax at Spence. I got a few Samuel Adams Winter Lagers and was really enjoying myself and her company. At one point her hand brushed mine and I noticed that she had very cute small hands, it was nice. At the end of the night I had my arm around her and we got pretty close. It felt good.

Was it a match?

Sarah: Not sure yet. Andy is a great guy. I can tell he comes from an awesome family and has a bunch of friends and is well liked. He’s cute too and very unassuming, no airs or ego or ‘game.’ I’m kind of a loud and gregarious person, so I was diggin’ that soft side he showed me.

Andy: Time will tell. I had a great time and I’d like to get to know her better.

Was there a kiss?

Sarah: I cannot tell a lie! So, I reached over and kissed Andy on the cheek at one point at Spence’s. We were sitting pretty close to each other and the band was jamming out, I was loving my Stella Artois…it started to flurry outside and I thought what the heck I am totally going for it. The moment was right (note my Stella was assisting in this bold decision!! HAHA)! I found out later on in the evening that Andy is one great kisser!

Andy: You’ll have to ask Sarah. I don’t kiss and tell.

Will there be a second date?

Sarah: I would love a second date.

Andy: There should be. I believe that’s in the cards for us.

How did you leave it?

Sarah: We exchanged numbers and I am hoping he will call me and didn’t just do that as a formality. I’d like another opportunity to get to know him better.

Andy: I’m going to give her a call. This was a great experience and I had so much fun. I’d recommend a He Said She Said date to anyone.


The couple has already been on date #2.  Stay tuned if there will be a third date.