How to Make Fresh Mozzarella

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by Steph Weber – October 27th, 2009

Making fresh mozzarella is very different from making hard cheese. For one thing, it’s a much shorter process; it can be completed from start to edible in about 1-2 hours! And whereas the hard cheesemaking process involves a lot of sitting and waiting, most of the mozzarella process involves working the curds like taffy.

The mozzarella kit we got includes instructions, citric acid, calcium chloride, rennet tablets, and cheese salt. Here are the instructions:

Start by mixing 2 tsp citric acid and ½ tsp calcium chloride into ¼ cup water. In a separate container, dissolve 1 rennet tablet in ½ cup water. Set aside.

Pour one gallon of whole milk (make sure it’s not ultra-pasturized) into a 6-quart pot and heat gently. When the milk is 55° F, pour in the citric acid/calcium chloride mixture and stir gently. Heat the milk to 88° F. The milk will start to curdle at this point.

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