Irish Foods Glossary… Deciphering Menus on St. Patty's Day

From Irish Spike

Never know what you’re getting into when ordering Irish food? Here’s a cheat sheet. (Check out the link above for a fantastic listing of the history of Irish food, recipes and other fun stuff.)

Bangers: Sausage.

Boxty (also Boxdy): Potato pancakes

Champ or Poundies: Mashed potatoes with green onion, with a well of butter in the center.

Colcannon: Boiled cabbage and potatoes.

Coddle: A simple stew made from pork, sausage, potatoes and onions.

Crubeens (also Cruibins): Pig’s feet (trotters) cooked with carrots, onions and spices or dipped in seasoned breadcrumbs and fried.

Irish potato: The standard white potato which originated in South America. It was called Irish potato by earlier American generations to distinguish it from sweet potatoes.

Irish boiled dinner: A stew of beef and boiled vegetables in a broth often with the addition of stout beer to strengthen flavor.

Irish stew: Another simple stew made of lamb or mutton, potatoes and onions, often with a measure of stout thrown in for added depth and flavor.

Irish whiskey: A light, dry whiskey made from a mash of fermented barley and other grains, made in Ireland.

Soda bread: This Irish classic is a quick bread which uses soda as a leavener. They can be either standard breads or sweet breads.

Stout: A strong, dark beer, with a strong hops flavoring made of dark-roasted barley, giving it a deep, dark color and bitter-sweet flavor, made famous by the Guinness brewery.

Corned Beef & Cabbage: Believe it or not it’s not a traditional Irish dish.