Liquid Thanksgiving

This year’s flavors include the vegan-friendly Tofurky flavor but the traditional pack of Jones Holiday flavored sodas is hard to beat…

After completing our Thanksgiving meal I unveiled a gift from a friend. It was a Jones Soda Holiday Pack. The mouthwatering options included Dinner Roll, Turkey and Gravy, Pea, Sweet Potato and Antacid.

Here are my family’s reactions:

Dinner Roll:

“It tastes like an orange cream soda.”
“It’s really buttery, as a dinner roll should be.”
“Is the goal here for it to taste like an actual dinner roll or a soda that tastes like a dinner roll?”

Turkey and Gravy:

“Oh god, that’s bad.”
“That tasted nothing like turkey and gravy. I know because I just ate turkey and gravy.”
“That is disgusting.”
“Are you actually disappointed that it tasted nothing like turkey and gravy? I am.”
“It activates your gag reflex.”
“It smells like turkey and gravy, but doesn’t taste like turkey and gravy.”
“I’m sticking to champagne. Cause it tastes like champagne.” (from my mother who was not participating in the tasting.)
“It tastes like Necco Wafers.”
“Yeah, like dirty Necco Wafers.”
“My turkey tastes like my dinner roll.”


“It actually tastes like pea.”
“Like pea or pee?”
“Like pea. I wouldn’t know about pee. I’ve never tasted urine.”
“It’s very sweet.”
“So it’s like sweet pea?”
“We actually found something with sugar in it that Megan doesn’t like.”
“I can’t get the bad taste out of my mouth.”
“It has an after taste like maple candy, it was actually drinkable.”
“Pea is drinkable, but not the turkey.”

Sweet Potato:

“It looks like a N-Hi soda.” (Another comment from my non-participating mother. I have no clue what she is talking about.)
“It smells like chemicals. But good chemicals.”
“This is the least disgusting.”
“It tastes like sweet potatoes.”
“It’s like bubbly, sugary, sweet-potato-ness.”


“It’s tastes like that fluoride stuff they made you swish in third grade.”
“Why would anyone purchase this?”
“This one’s not so bad.”
“I could make myself drink this if I had to.”
“It’s sort of minty.”

Overall Comments:

“If I ever had to have a liquid Thanksgiving, this may be something I would have.”
“With a little booze in it, it would be much better.”
“I want to order this at the bar. ‘Can I please have a Captain and dinner roll with a side of pea?'”
“Nothing goes with Jack like a little turkey and gravy.”

Fun fact: Proceeds of this Holiday Pack benefit Toys for Tots.
Another fun fact: All sodas are completely vegetarian, certified kosher and contain zero caffeine, calories and carbs.

Here’s a link to the fun Holiday Jones Soda flavors of 2009.