Lots of Food Blogs Out There…Here's One About Bathrooms

Which, like it or not, is an important part of the dining experience. This local blogger has started to review them for us. At commodenode.blogspot.com the writer reviews different bathrooms I encounter, based on the following criteria:

~ Cleanliness: No explanation needed.

~ Privacy: Single occupancy, or multiple?

~ Flushing: Is there a lever, knob, or button? Is there one of those sensors that does it automatically?

~ Dryers: Paper towels or heat-based dryers?

~ Mirrors: Can you see most or your body in the mirrors, or will you risk dragging a piece of toilet paper back into the establishment on your shoe?

~ Music: Is there sound coming through on the overhead speakers, or are you left alone with your shame in a loud, echo-filled chamber of flatulence?

~ Reviewer Tilt: The “wild card” category.

Now, as you might assume, most of the bathrooms reviewed will be at restaurants. However, don’t rule out malls, retail stores, or Quik-E-Marts.

The Final Dish: Check it out for yourself and be prepared for what you’re in for when it comes to the bathroom at your next dining spot.