Lunch with a Beerlebrity

I was never really interested in pop bands as a
teenager, but this week I found myself as excited
as a twelve-year-old at a Jonas Brothers concert.
On Tuesday, I had lunch at Teresa’s Next Door in
Wayne with one of the world’s hottest “beerlebrities,”
Sam Calagione from Dog?sh Head Brewery in
Rehoboth, DE.

Anyone who knows anything about good beer
can tell you that “Dog?sh Sam” is a superstar. Not
only did he play a major role in elevating craft
beer from a basement hobby to a consumer trend,
start a brewery at age 26, and publish several
books by his mid-30’s – he’s also gorgeous. Even
a couple of my straight male friends have crushes on
him. So, you can imagine how sweaty my palms
were when I ?nally got the chance to meet him.

Luckily for me, Calagione is too cool to feel nervous
around for long. His easygoing yet enthusiastic
demeanor calmed my nerves enough to ask him
to sign my copy of his book, “Brewing Up a
Business,” and take a photo with me before the
lunch began. Luckily for Sam, once the beer was
poured and food plated, I was distracted enough
to leave him alone for a while.


Although I always enjoy meals at Teresa’s Next
Door, this lunch was a special treat. Chef Andy
Dickerson not only created ?ve wonderful
courses, but expertly paired them with ?ve of
Dog?sh Head’s seasonal brews. Dickerson and
Calagione talked us through each course of this
high ABV lunch.

We began with Aprihop, a fruity IPA perfect for
spring, paired with a deviled quail egg, tomato-
carrot soup and toast. Next, we had Immort Ale
with foie gras on toast with maple syrup sauce
and juniper garnish, to highlight the complex
flavors in the beer. Our third round paired
Pangaea, a beer that unites the world (at least in
liquid form) with ingredients from all seven
continents, with a refreshing blood orange,
beet and ginger salad.

Our main course was Porelkbit (pork wrapped in
elk wrapped in rabbit, all wrapped in speck) with
barlotto garnished with blackberries and blueberries,
served with Black & Blue, a Belgian strong ale made
with berries.

Moving onto dessert, we enjoyed a 2006 Fort with
what I will describe as a bourbon ?oat, garnished
with a snickerdoodle and raspberries. We ?nished
with a round of cheese and fruit salumis paired with
Red & White, a witbier brewed with coriander, orange
peel and pinot noir juice.


Calagione had to disappear too quickly after lunch
for me to glean any more secrets of his success, but
I will say that “Dog?sh Sam” and his beers share
the same soul – bold, adventurous and completely
enjoyable. I’ll certainly remember my encounter
every time I savor a 90 Minute IPA or a Raison d’Etre.
For those of you who missed the lunch, Dog?sh
Head Brewery & Eats is a short two hour drive
away. Road trip, anyone?