Mary's Top Five Chester County Food Blogs

For Cooking:
My Lil’ Kitchen by Kimdec

Warning: If you go to this website you may try to eat your computer. Food pictures are so tempting that you’ll want to make her recipes just to appease your taste buds. Recently transplanted West Chester writer and cook Kimmie (kimdec was her nickname growing up) dishes up meals for every occasion but loves to make a lot of Mexican, Italian and comfort foods.

She loves West Chester so much she has to share her love of the town and her cooking with this tasty blog. “I’ve always been into food, especially home-cooked food and the more I cook at home I find that my cooking gets better and restaurant food gets more disappointing. I would rather spend time in my kitchen with my family, friends and the food that I made. I know what’s in it and I can appreciate it more.”

All of the ingredients Kimmie uses and writes about is from the West Chester grower’s market and her meats are from local vendors. Although her pictures of food look professionally done she takes them all with a small digital camera and snaps them in natural light from her kitchen window and sets her camera on a macro setting.

For BBQ:

If you have a hankering for some hot and spicy cooking from a hottie grilling bachelor then this is the site is for you. Local writer ‘Barbecue Bachelor’ gives the goods on where to go for good bbq eats and how to be a master of the grill at home. Learn about marinades, rubs, hot sauces, grilling techniques and read recipes that will make your mouth water.

Search by topic or ingredient and see reader-submitted recipes that the BBQB makes with pictures and step by step instructions.

For Everything Food:
West Chester Dish

Okay, okay so I’m biased but to get the scoop on new restaurants, see menus, reviews, recipes and events you gotta check out With writers that focus on anything from wine, coffee, nutrition, cooking and dining out with kids, has you covered. It’s simply delicious.

For Responsible Eating and Living:

Be inspired by stories of how to live responsibly without sacrificing life’s pleasures like eating really well. Creators Leslie Kedash and Margaret Gilmour cover all the bases of Chester County to help you stay connected to simple delicious living. shares stories of community members to show you how to reduce oil consumption needed for transporting goods and showcasing Chester County farming, garden preservation and growing vineyards.

They have regular columns to inspire you. ‘Features’ cover gardens or lifestyles that celebrate the simple life, ‘Spotlight’ focuses on local food artisans or places, ‘Origins’ provide brief local history, ‘Review’ gives a look at products and recipes, ‘Insights blog’ gives frequent updates on anything and everything delicious and simple in Chester County.

For Farmer’s Market Fans:

Kennett Square’s farmer’s market is so popular they have a blog just for all the exciting things happening. The KSQ Farmers Market is spending their 10th year of food fabulousness with ongoing celebrations of the Decade of Delicious. Check back often on the site for information on vendors, DIY projects, cool events, recipe trial and errors, and much more.