Meet the Brewer; Sly Fox Brewery’s award-winning Brian O’Reilly

Sly Fox Brewery’s award-winning Brian O’Reilly
By Dawn Warden

MLT: When did the craft beer craze really take off in Philly?
BO: I’m not sure. It could be traced back to Monk’s, but many of the breweries had not hit their stride yet. I do think we are headed toward the golden years. Philly Beer Week both challenges us to be better—we need to defend the title of the best beer-drinking city in America—and shows off what we enjoy every day. I’m proud to be a part of such an exciting and diverse beer-drinking culture.

MLT: What’s the appeal to consumers?
BO: Craft beer offers people something local with a story. It’s rewarding to enjoy a tasty beer, but even better to drink a beer and know you’re supporting a local, small company.

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