My Halloween Costume with Video

What were you for Halloween? I was a ham dinner. Yup, an entire ham dinner.

It wasn’t that hard to make but it was really tough to walk around in. At the party I attended I had to commit to staying in a certain room for an extended amount of time due to the difficulty of going in and out of rooms.

How I made it: I took a big box and cut a hole in it. Then I covered it with a plastic table cloth and hot glued it so it would be secure. I filled plastic bowls with peas (dried pies painted with green paint and hot glued in the bowl), carrots (model magic chopped and colored orange) and mashed potatoes (cotton with model magic butter). I glued salt and pepper shakers to the table, a battery-operated candle, a wine glass with wine paint in it and silverware.

My hat: A shower cap with dried pineapple rings with gummy cherries hot glued on. I put some toothpick in em to look authentic.

After Halloween I had not use for my beloved ham dinner so I gave it to a friend of mine at WoodShop Productions. And here is Nick dancing around in it.

Nick in my ham dinner costume

The Final Dish: Did anyone else dress up as a food for Halloween??