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This Week:: Two Dolla Make You Holla– Best bites in Chester County for under 2 bucks

65 cents
Apple Cider Donuts at West Chester Scoop

These little bites of heaven are some of the best donuts I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. They are made with an apple-cider batter, fried to perfection and topped to your liking. Enjoy powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar, vanilla glaze, chocolate glaze, honey or plain. Of course, you can add sprinkles and, for those who are feeling adventurous, request a “hole in one,” a hot, fresh donut topped with your favorite scoop of ice cream (I recommend the honey-bun ice cream on top of a cinnamon-sugar donut for a fabulously guilty breakfast).

West Chester Scoop
22 North Darlington Street
West Chester
99 cents
Egg and Cheese Bagel at Country Bagel

Monday through Friday you can score an Egg and Cheese Bagel at Country Bagel for under a buck (and it’s not from a fast food joint). They’ve got any type of bagel you can imagine, everything is cooked to order and they open at 6:30am so your morning breakfasts are a no brainer. Call it weird, but I like to get a spread of veggie cream cheese on mine so it’s melty and delicious with my egg n cheese. Giddy up!

145 East Gay Street
West Chester

929 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19382

137 West Lincoln Highway
West Whiteland Town Center

Cupcakes Gourmet Mini Cupcakes

With the incredible flavors and use of the best ingredients you only need a mini to satisfy your sweet tooth. My favorite flavors are Dark Chocolate Mint and the classic, Vanilla. They are exactly what a cupcake should be but oh so much more! Fun tip: The first Sat of every month they feature a new flavor for customers to try and rate to see if it should go on the menu. Also, their first anniversary is April 4th and the celebrations include free minis for everyone! Sweet! (Pun intended)

Cupcakes Gourmet
288 Lancaster Ave, Frazer

Eclat Chocolate Caramels
Recognized in Vogue’s “World’s Best Caramels”, this light and creamy caramel; enhanced with Tahitian Vanilla bean and with Fleur de Sel sea salt, and enrobed in a milk chocolate coating. Other varieties include Dark Caramel and (my favorite) Ginger Caramel. I’m crazy about ginger so the perfection of the caramel with fresh infused giner and red Hawaiian sea salt is straight up delicious.

24 South High St. West Chester

Two Bucks
Tacos at Don Gabriel’s

Okay, so these are hands down the BEST tacos I’ve ever had in my life. You can choose any filling from chicken, beef or for the adventurous eaters; sausage and egg, or cow tongue. My personal favorite is the pork. And luckily, for those of you like me that love variety, there are two preparations- choose from pulled pork-style or pork with pineapple. All varieties come with fresh cilantro, chopped onion and fresh lime slices to squeeze juice on top. You’ve gotta put their house-made sour cream and green and red sauces on it too. Seriously awesome.

611 W. Strasburg Road
West Chester