Three New Thanksgiving Traditions

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– This is THE day to give thanks for everything you have. Here is a spin on a traditional grace. Cut feather shapes out of multi-colored construction paper. Pass them around to guests prior to sitting down to dine. Ask them to write down what they are thankful for and collect the feathers in a basket. Once you sit down, pass the basket around and ask each person to read and share feather. It is fun to guess who wrote which note of gratefulness.

– Lots of food means lots of dishes and the task of cleaning them up shouldn’t land on the hostess. Place a cut out of a turkey underneath one person’s plate. The person that sits there has to do the dishes. But, that person should also get the biggest slice of pie.

– For an easy centerpiece, line the middle of the table with pumpkins and ghords in various sizes and colors. For additional flair, scatter in some small mums or pine cones tied with ribbon. To add some light, scoop a hole out of the top of a few mini pumpkins and put a metal-lined tea light in the top. Or, get a few small vases and fill each half-way with dried corn and add a pillar candle to each vase. Make sure the candle is the kind that burns down the center and is unscented. There is no need to compete with the scrumptious smells coming from the kitchen.

Here’s a link to for how to make some cool gourd candles.