Religion, Politics and Barbeque; My Visit to Pig Out

When at a dinner party, there are certain topics not to bring up in mixed company.

Religion: Hits too close to home and how can you question one’s beliefs?

Politics: Can turn very heated and how can you question one’s beliefs?

Barbeque: Hits too close to home, can turn very heated and how can you question one’s beliefs?

From Kansas City to Memphis to Eastern Carolina, variations on barbeque differ tremendously and everyone has their favorites. The Wikipedia page on “Regional Variations of Barbeque” rings in at roughly 9,000 words.

The page on “Crimean War” tallies only 5,500 words and that war brought us Florence Nightingale and “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”

So, the barbeque topic can open a large can of worms in a mixed crowd.

That said, when a new barbecue take out spot, Pig Out opened on Gay Street in West Chester, I needed to judge for myself what they had to offer. The owner Tony and manager Charles are happy to share their views of barbeque with any Yankee (as Charles said) that walks through the door.

There are some true gems on the menu. I loved their Diced Hickory Smoked Brisket Sandwich with the Roasted Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce. The smoky flavor of the meat with the sweetness of the sauce was sublime.

You also can’t go wrong with anything from Pig Out that is Pulled Pork. The Southern Style Pulled Pork Sandwich is cooked in the Carolina-style: heavy on the vinegar with some spice with a side of slaw. Another favorite was the Pulled Pork Chili. You’ll never want to eat the ground beef variety ever again.

And the ribs! Let me tell you about the ribs. Super sweet and with just enough smoke. They also weren’t so over done that the fell of the bone. Definitely a two-WetNap dish.

There were a few small misses, though. I prefer my Mac & Cheese on the creamy side, and this was a bit greasy. I also concur with other friends that have been there that the portions of the sides are on the pithy side.

All in all, whether you are an Episcopalian or Buddhist, Democrat or Republican, Dry Rub or Marinade, I recommend that you head out to Pig Out. The quality of the food shines through. These guys take their barbeque seriously and it shows. Are you going to question my beliefs?

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