Saki, Enough to Get a Good Buzz and So Much More!

By Clint Wiggins the Food Dude

A review of a nice date that my girlfriend has been overdue for.

Paul Trier, president of Star Cellars provided an in depth look at each of the Saki’s paired perfectly with dishes from Takao Linuma of Win Signature resturants, Chay Aniwat and Aki Takeshima, chefs of Teikoku restaurant. The intimate quiet atmosphere provided for the perfect canvas for education and quiet conversation, perfect for a date that demands more than just a meal.

The first pairing was Anago tempura(barbeque seawater eel tempura style, fresh wasabi teriyaki) paired with Choya Junmai Ume Saki. After the first bite it was obvious the chefs and Paul put a lot into pairing everything correctly. This course was a sweet saki paired with the slightly sweet tangy barbeque and the salty tempura; sweet and salty, a personal favorite combination. An interesting way to kick off the evening.

The second paring was Chilean sea bass saikyo yaki(Miso marinated sea bass in a lettuce cup) paired with Suishin Junmai(served warm). This dish touched on all of the senses temperature variations warm saki and bass, cold lettuce, and texture combinations smooth soft fish with some crunchy noodles under it. If you like intense flavor and a variety of senses affected by your meal this will be a favorite.

The third course was Braised pork “kakuni”(sweet soy reduction with sautéed spinach) paired with Narutotai Ginjo Nama Genshu. Another amazing paring, the pork was tender and delicious and the saki was the strongest of the bunch, unpasteurized, undiluted cask strength, with a slight hint of anniset.

The fourth and final pairing was a sushi platter with red miso soup paired with Kariho Rokushu Junmai Ginjo. The light smooth saki went nicely with all of the different types of sushi, the striped bass was a personal favorite. The meal ended all too soon with and amazing red miso soup.

From presentation to perfect pairings the event was a fantastic overall experience at a price that most people can handle.

For more information on paring events like this one contact Christine Olmsted- Wine Signature Restaurants Events Coordinator, 610-644-8270 or [email protected]