Sassy Supper: Mexican Chicken Salad

By Ada Mitchell 


Ever wonder what to do with all of that left over chicken after a great Sunday dinner?  I created this to get away from making chicken soup and boring old chicken salad.  This is easy to throw together, and using the leftovers from the night before it also saves you money!  Use whatever amounts you want, and adjust to your preferences.













What you need:

Leftover Chicken

1 Head of Lettuce, Romaine or Iceburg is fine

Black Beans

Cooked and Cooled Corn

Mexican Cheese


Ranch Dressing

Crushed Tortilla Chips


What to do:

Cut up your lettuce and lay it on a few plates.  Then cut up the chicken, and spread that out on top.  Then you take the corn and black beans and layer them on top of the chicken.  Use the amounts that you prefer, I usually do a little less of the corn, and more of the beans.  Put a couple of dollops of salsa around the plate, and add the ranch dressing.  Top the salad with the cheese and the tortilla chips and enjoy!