Spring Fling This Saturday

There will be around 6 bands playing throughout the day and into the next morning. There will be art on display (and you can buy it) and lots of other fun things, like drinks, cigars and pie. There’s no cover charge.
Subject to change
The Collingwood
Adam & Dave’s Bloodline
Make Me Ok (my band)
The National Rifle
Subject to change
Jonathan Murray Photography
Photos by Chris from The Collingwood
Paintings – Sculpture – Pottery by Amedeo Salamoni
Paintings by Matt Cummisky
Paintings by Carolyn Hess
Paintings by James Lee Burk
Dangerously Delicious Pies
John Hay Cigars

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/octorarobookings or look us up on facebook and become friends with Shows @ the Octoraro Hotel & Tavern

And remember, feel free to forward this off and tell your friends.