Super Healthy Bowl

Planning to go to a Super Bowl party? Here are some tips, from Margaret Moses, to keep you in line with that New Years’ Resolution to lose weight.

1. Eat well during the day.

Skipping meals during the day to save up for a party is a bad idea. You will get overly hungry and overeat. Eat a good breakfast and lunch, then go on to tip #2 below.

2. Eat a healthful meal before you go to the party.

Eating a healthful meal (low fat, high fiber), such as a baked potato with vegetarian chili and a salad, before going to a party is insurance that you won’t end up eating too much of the wrong things. You will be in better control when you see all those tempting appetizers and desserts!

3. Limit or avoid alcohol.

Alcohol is a double-edged sword if you are trying to watch your weight. It is high in calories AND it affects your judgment on choosing foods that are lower in calories

Here is a list of common beverages and the calories they contain:

Beverage Serving Calories
Sparkling Water 8 oz. 0
Wine 4 oz. 80
Beer 12 oz. 146
Nonalcoholic Beer 12 oz. 32
Soda 12 oz. 157

The Final Dish:

I’m cool with everything except #3. I’ll have to work on that.

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