The Olympics of Coffee is here!

Did you know there is an Olympics of coffee, actually an Olympics of
preparing espresso style coffee and it’s called the World Barista
Championship. (a Barista by the way is the artisan who works an
espresso bar and prepares your labor intensive coffee drinks in the
morning) This word-reknowned event happens annually and this year the
world’s eye will be on Atlanta, Georgia as it hosts the 10th annual
World Barista Championship (or WBC). During the past few days Barista
champions from 52 countries around the world have been arriving in
Atlanta, sourcing fresh ingredients for their drinks, and practicing
on the competition machines in hopes of becoming the top Barista on
the planet. How is a Barista judged? Each one must prepare 4
espressos, 4 cappuccinos, and 4 signature drinks for a panel of 4
judges in under 15 minutes…..that’s quite a feat because, if you’re
like me, you have trouble just making your 1st cup of the morning joe
in 15 minutes. It really is quite something to behold as each Barista
is micd and therefore emcees their round, which can be….interesting
(I recall the Czech Barista at the WBC in Swizterland 2 years ago
dancing to techno music draped in the Czech flag and then proceeded to
rip half his clothes off throughout his round!) And now, with the
wonders of the internets you too can cheer on your favorite dancing
barista on the live video feed of the prelims starting today (April
16th) and each day until the finals at high noon on Sunday (April
19th) at
So pour yourself a cup of coffee, log on, and cheer your favorite
Barista to the winners circle!