Thrill of the Grill

All the necessities for the perfect outdoor feast, from luscious recipes to expert tips, gadgets and more.
By Dawn E. Warden

With several more weeks of summer still ahead of us and plenty of locally grown produce at our fingertips, there’s no better time to refill the propane tank (or stock up on charcoal or woodchips) and dole out the invites. And it couldn’t hurt to brush up on that open-flame terminology, either. Lesson one: the difference between grilling and barbecuing. The former refers to cooking over a direct flame or other high-heat source; the latter relies on indirect or low-level heat to slowly cook less expensive cuts of meat until tender. Authentic barbecuing can take all day or even several days, which works great if you’ve some vacation time to spare. For most, however, grilling is the way to go. Not sure what to make or how? Allow us—and a few high-profile experts—to help.

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