Victory Brewing Company Happenings

A Variety of Victory for Philly Beer Week

With over 40 events that we are participating in as part of Philly Beer Week there is surely something for everyone. Want a full focus on lagers? Meet us at Triumph on March 12th for Klash of the Kaisers. Same singular vision on ales? How about Philadelphia Real Ale Invitational at Yards Brewing Co. on March 15th. But perhaps the most focused and intimate opportunities to get the full flavor of what Victory can do and how they can inspire the city’s top chefs, consider catching us on March 10th at the Four Seasons Hotel or Fork Restaurant on March 11th for either of these fantastic events. Click here for a complete listing of Victory’s Philly Beer Week events.

WildDevil Comes to Philly Beer Week

Victory Brewing Company’s most popular brand, HopDevil Ale, will take on a “wild” characteristic with the March release of WildDevil Ale.  The Brettanomyces fermented ale is brewed with the same American hops that give HopDevil its grapefruit, citrus and pine flavors but the addition of a signature Belgian yeast strain contributes a funky, sharp tang to this India Pale Ale. This Belgian treatment of the HopDevil recipe makes for a very worldly ale, in which German malts, American whole flower hops and now Belgian yeast combine. WildDevil will be available year-round in 750mL corked bottles and kegs will also be available for the initial period of its release.

WildDevil Ale, will be offered during Philly Beer Week (March 6 – 15) at various locations throughout the city and the suburbs on draft and in 750mL bottles.  The official release will be at The Brewer’s Plate on Sunday, March 8th at the University of Pennsylvania. With Victory’s presence in the VIP area along with DiBruno Bros., WildDevil is certain to be experimented with by attendees wishing to savor the ultimate in food and beer combinations.

Philly Beer Week is March 6 – 15
Click here for a listing of all Philly Beer Week Events.